Factors To Consider In An Immigration Lawyer

Finally, you have decided to immigrate to the US. Good decision! If you have decided to hire an immigration lawyer in Florida to help you in your immigration to the States, that is another great Decision you have made.

Consider the quote by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals About Immigration Law:

Orlando immigration lawyer“With just a small degree of hyperbole, the immigration laws have been termed, 2nd only to the Internal Revenue in complexity to Internal Revenue Code. An attorney is usually the only person, who can thread the labyrinth.”.

Keep in mind, immigration applications with the government and authorities are legal documents, identical to filing court applications for lawsuit. Do not be deceived that these documents are “merely paperwork” or “simple.” Behind the application forms there are heaps of pages of law, which affects your ability and rights to work and live in the United States. There is no one-size-fits-all with immigration cases; therefore, you must consult immigration lawyer, not kith or kin, whenever you need to face the government. Immigrating to another country is a life-transforming matter that deserves the best legal help possible.

Selecting the right immigration solicitor could be a grueling task. Read on to make sure you have appointed the best solicitor for your immigration case.

Core of Practice.

It is hard to juggle the practice of immigration law with other legal practices areas like, family or criminal law. Selecting a lawyer, who focuses exclusively on immigration case, will boost the likelihood that you have hired a lawyer who knows how to handle your case.


It is perhaps logical to assume that any Florida immigration lawyer, who has practiced many years, is undoubtedly, better than one who has just practiced for one or two years. In some instances, it might be true, but not in all. Some of the best attorneys, we have ever known, were very young, and likewise some of the worst attorneys, had practiced for years. Rather than paying heed to the “number of years”, the attorney has been in practice, you must focus on the kind of experience they have. Check, whether the attorney has successfully represented clients with the kind of case before?

AILA Membership.

While AILA membership does not ensure quality of the lawyer in question, nonetheless, it is a strong indication that he takes immigration laws seriously. Being AILA member costs money and the organization provides research and educational material to its members.

What is in the Cost?

Make sure that the prospective attorney is up- front about his fees. In case, you find him reluctant to sign a fee agreement that should certainly be a ‘red flag.’.

We hope by discussing these factors that you find them helpful when selecting an immigration lawyer for your case.