Specializing In Immigration Law

The Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski is able to provide prompt, expert, and extremely customized representation and created a reputation for integrity and effectiveness while doing so, by building our practice practically with immigration law.

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We provide top quality legal services to both individual and business clients on issues connecting to nonimmigrant visas, permanent house (permit), L1 intracompany transfers, E1 treaty traders and E2 treaty investors, H1B specialty occupation experts, family-based petitions, employing treatments for foreign nationals, EB5 investments, different waivers, naturalization and citizenship, compliance, and other immigration matters. We likewise help F1 and J1 visa holders who want to stay in the U.S. after they finish their researches. Contact our migration law practice by phone or email to obtain legal guidance on your visa application.

COMPETENCE, Experience and Knowledge
Our migration law practice is experienced in handling such complicated concerns as showing EB11 amazing capability, the impact of business mergers and acquisitions in L1, national interest waivers, J1 two-year house stay waivers, E2 treaty investors and EB5 immigrant investors, deportation, showing H1B and EB2 expert qualifications, and L1 and EB13 managerial criteria for both immigrant and nonimmigrant visa petitions.

The international background of our staff makes us multicultural and genuinely multilingual. Our attorneys, paralegals, and other staff are trained to have clear communication with our clients, they are our greatest top priority. Our continuing efforts to better serve our customer is supported and reinforced by our advanced computer system created exclusively for immigration visa processing.

Our active subscription in the American Immigration Attorney Association, combined with our several years’ experience in the immigration field, have assisted us develop a network of highly knowledgeable lawyers in a lot of major Florida cities. This network means we can help customers throughout the State of Florida. Whatever the location, we are able to offer advice on local USCIS, State Department and Labor Department policies, along with offer regional counsel of proven skills and ability. We also preserves enduring relationships with lawyers who practice routinely at key U.S. consular posts throughout the world.

Our customer lineup is as varied as our staff serving them, as worldwide as the practice itself. They are individuals and little businesses and Fortune 500 conglomerates. They are all kinds of businesses, from banking, to insurance coverage, to manufacturing, to transport, to computers.

Our office is conveniently situated in two locations of Orlando in order to better service our clients.  We look forward to serving your immigration law needs.